Trex ditcher artel farmsGOT ROCKS? IF YOU CAN LIFT IT, T-REX CAN DITCH IT!


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• Traditional pull-type scrapers ditch at 200 cubic meters per hour, T-Rex ditches at 2000! No follow up tillage required.

• T-Rex can be operated by a 300 Hp+ tractor.

• Throws excavated material evenly over 300 ft depending on depth of cut.

• Average 6” cut can be made anywhere from 3-5 mph depending on soil conditions.

• Twice as large as most traditional rotary ditchers, leaving a ditch bottom twice as wide.

• Can be used as a finishing tool to “step” or “flare” ditches.

• Very few wear areas, can be used in rocky soil.

• Range of cut can vary as deep as 2 ft!

• Features easy hook up and operation – If you can drive, you can ditch!

• Pricing is similar to rotary ditchers half its size.

• Does not plug!

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Grant Dyck
Artel Farms – Niverville Manitoba